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Founded in 1984, BioTouch, Inc. is now one of the leading manufacturers and trainers of semi-permanent and permanent makeup, permanent makeup machines, and accessories.

Since the very beginning, BioTouch has led the challenge of saving women from the time-consuming regimen of enhancing their beauty. BioTouch's unique approach combines 5,000 years of Asian makeup techniques with modern technology to create the finest permanent and semi-permanent makeup products available today.

BioTouch stresses ongoing research and development, leading the way in new techniques, chemistry and technology to produce the best products, service and training in the permanent and semi-permanent industry.

The BioTouch Training Program has become known internationally as the finest there is. Indeed, BioTouch has trained thousands of professional beauty technicians, and many of our competitors come to us to learn how to "do it the right way."

BioTouch products are now sold in more than 30 countries and territories worldwide.

Ultimately, BioTouch enhances the lives of those who use our products. Our commitment to technologically advanced and innovative products is why the name BioTouch is known throughout the world for excellence and superior quality.

With BioTouch, anyone can wake up beautiful!

        17807 MacLaren St., City of Industry, CA 91744 | Call: (909) 444-0101, (626) 964-8113  Fax: (626) 581-3466 

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